Sphero vs. Ozobot

  1. You code a sphero with your cromebook. You can drive,block,and java script the Ozobot. Ozobots are very tiny they are tiny robot cubes and you can drive them on lines they follow patterns of color. The change color.
  2. I think Sphero is better becase it is easier than a Ozobot because you have to use a cromebook for a Ozobot but you dont have to with a Sphero.
  3. I think that a Sphero is a good stem thing to use not a Ozobot.

My first avatar

My avatar is created by portal maker. Portal maker is a very good app for your avatar you can add clothes you an add any hair you can put any mouth,eyes. I made it try to look like me l and i added a little bit of detail. I added brown eyes because i have brown eyes i made it have blond hair cause I have blond hair. I chose this app cause it stuck out to me.

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Hello world!

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